Professional and Legal Debt Collection in Malaysia Details Form


Start and recover your money by filling in the professional and legal debt collection in Malaysia details form below and our lawyers will advice you accordingly on how to recover your debt successfully.

Prepare the following documents to start recovering debts and send to our email at now:

(1) Any written contract or agreement between parties;

(2) Invoices; or

(3) Any other documents to prove the debt.

Finally, fill in the form below and our lawyers will provide free legal advice to you accordingly on the next step of action to recover your money.

Our lawyers will advice you accordingly via email/WhatsApp on the steps to take to recover the debts successfully.
Please provide the full name of the individual/company together with the individual's NRIC number or company's registration number (if any).
Please provide the last known full address of the individual/company in order for us to send legal notice/demand letter to the debtor. State "0" if you have no knowledge.
Please confirm the up-to-date total amount of outstanding debt.
Give us more details (with specific dates of events in chronology) to substantiate your claim in order for us to prepare a detailed letter of demand or legal notice. You may send us documents/agreements if you have any for our reference.